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Thread: Update on Jungle's pleasure boat

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    Jungle Boy
    Here's a few photos of my Eagle 19' Sport boat. These boats run a Step-Tech bottom and this one will be powered by a ZZ4 crate. It should run in the high 60's, low 70's. I may put a little nitrous to it, since it's an older motor and if it explodes I'll get a 383 stroker done for it. Keep in mind this is a river boat and will be used for exploring the local rivers and very limited lake use.

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    Very cool, Hey What are you paying for the ZZ4 motors? I have friend that is ready to buy one but we are looking for the best deal and with so many people selling them it's tough.

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    That's a hell of a set back on the pump. I would love to go for a ride up a river in one of those.

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    Aluminum Squirt
    You thought we wouldn't chase you over here too? What happend to the green? Just looks very good-Aluminum Squirt

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    Jungle Boy
    Originally posted by Hustler
    Very cool, Hey What are you paying for the ZZ4 motors? I have friend that is ready to buy one but we are looking for the best deal and with so many people selling them it's tough.
    I beleive that I paid in the ballpark of about 5200 Canadian a few years ago for the motor. I was checking the GM catalog and they are selling a ZZ383 stroker now too. 450 HP. Mine and many like it have been VERY dependable engines for this type of boating. Mine has been in 3 races in the old boat and probably has several hundred hours on it at nearly to the pin throttle. Don't let anyone tell you different. We have yet to see one blow up or fail, other than this buddy (Greg Reeves) that forgot to put oil in after a oil change!!

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    You're missing a that hole for the "holy shit-o-meter"?

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    American Turbine Man
    You don’t really appreciate a Jet Boat until you are running up the Red Deer with Rob.
    I was a “Lake Guy” until we moved up here eleven years ago. It’s a lot different jettin’ on a river where the BOTTOM RUNS VERY CLOSE THE TOP”.
    AT Man

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    jungle, put up some closeup pix of the jet and the hull around the jet. all angles. we just don't get to see this stuff in so. calif.
    yur boat looks great

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    bottom feeder
    Jungle Boy.
    Now thats how a pleasure boat is built. Wind sheild and all, Suppose it going to have a wiper too? Nice. Nice. Nice. Hats off to Eagle on another. Whats the cost to the point the pics are?
    Bottom Feeder

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    Jungle Boy
    1 - The gauge hole is for the fuel gauge that I don't have yet.
    2 - No windshield wipers are going on this boat. I don't like the looks of them. Rainex works good enough for the wet weather.
    3 - I'll take some photos when I get home. These were sent to me from the the guys at Eagle. I'm still under lockdown in the Ecuador.
    4 - ATM, you are right about the difference of lake boating over river boating. And Rob is amoung the top 1-2 in the world for that type of boating. We like to cover some ground and see some scenery. Nothing wrong with lake boating and the scenery at the sandbar, but I could see that getting old fast and confrontational with all the young dudes and drinking. We really enjoy running out west and getting into the mountains and flood plains. Some very cool and technechal boating.
    5 - The cost of the boat was - Freebie, nada, zero. I donated the old 19' sport for a promotional gig at the last years world race. It was dropped from a crane at 110'. Tickets are sold on the overall length and half the cash goes to charity and half to the winner. I'm paying for the rigging, paint, interior.
    6 - The weight equipped with a small block and fully rigged is around 1550 lbs. Don't know about the bare hull, but will find out.
    Note the OP6C sticker survived the drop.

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