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Thread: Spam: Las Vegas Nascar Tickets

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    I have some extras if anyone's interested, Cheap too!!! I know theres some race junkies around!!!!

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    Did I mention cheap?????? 51 views and only reply, come on!!!!

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    Dr. Eagle
    What date is the race?

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    Originally posted by Dr. Eagle
    What date is the race?
    A little over a week
    03/07/04 UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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    CA Stu
    Hey, I'm going to be in LV that weekend, but I'd rather be doing what I'm going to be doing than sitting with a bunch of ignorant inbred rednecks watching cars go nneeeeeooowwww nneeeeeeeooowwww
    nneeeeooowwwwww in circles.
    "Wow Bubba, d'you see that?"
    nneeeeeooowwww nneeeeeeeooowwww
    "Hey lookit Junior! Neeehaaa!!"
    nneeeeeooowwww nneeeeeeeooowwww
    No thanks, I just don't get it!
    CA Stu
    PS I hate NASCAR because they bumped parts of what used to be "2 wheel Tuesday" on SpeedTV for that crap! Fuh-bing them!

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    On behalf of myself and all of my "ignorant inbred redneck" friends, allow me to extend to you a heartfelt
    **** Off!!

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    Thanks alot, Cousin!!!! Yea Haaaaaaa!!!!

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    Any time Uncle Daddy!

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    CA Stu
    I can't believe that reply took 38 minutes to appear....
    CA Stu

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    PM me the ticket info Im interested

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