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Thread: standard shorty VS Twist style

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    has anyone ran both style headers on a jetboat /BBC? i have a couple sets of the standard style ( 1 set new 1 set used with some rust starting.) but really like the look of the twisties. in the advertisment it looks as if the twisties cut back further from the rear seating and also hang past the transum further, and may even be closer together. do they get in the way of a ski rope or anything? any comments on this? id really like to see a picture comparison if anyones got one.

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    Big Proppa
    I would agree with you on that, I think they do lean back and give you more room and the look is a plus.
    With all that said - I have a set of brand new still in the rapper bassett twisty style headers with new water jackets $650 new
    Will let go for $500 obo

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    They are setback, and they are closer together...
    On the dyno, I noticed that the twisties made more torgue then the shorter style headers.

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    The twisties look way better and just like any OT header you have to watch the ski rope. I have some really good pics of my motor with a twistie on one side and the standard style but the file is too large for me to post, if somebody can shrink them down I'll put them up. I have pics from front, top, back and side.

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    now that would be perfect.

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    I just re read the post and you wanted to compare a shorty to a twisty. My pics are of an Original compared to a Twisty. Maybe they will help though.
    Rear view, new twisty left and original right.
    Side view, it's hard to see the Original on the far side, but it sits a little bit higher than the twisty.
    Front view, here you can really compare the height and how close to the block they are.
    Top view, you cant see the length but they both end over the transom in about the same place.
    Rear view of new Twisties installed on both sides.
    Front view of new Twisties.
    Side angle view. Look at the shine.
    Top angle view of both Twisties. You can almost eat off that motor.

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    my opinion go with the twisties though you wont have as much room for ski rope movement they just look better i wonder if they're harder to get to plugs

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    Big Proppa
    These are the ones for sale
    Brand spankin new - I was going to run them but just can't give up the sound a blower motor makes huffin through a set of dry zoomies

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    Jake W
    I was once too in love with the twisties but sold them for a new set of SHORT STRIGHTS.To me the short strights have more of a race look to them and that is what I was after.I wanted them even shorter than they come but after talking to Paul Bassett decided to run the regular lenght short strights.
    Do not get the short strights confused with the long collector bell end type header that Mudpumper posted.
    Wrightnows CP looks nice with the short strights ,seeing that pic and the tunnel CPs in Drag Boat Review with them was the deciding factor for me.
    Proceed with the twistie love

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