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Thread: Olds Cams

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    Wet Dream
    What cam are you guys going with? Are you going with a set grind or are you having it custom ground? What are the specs and if you've gone from a packaged cam to a custon, what differences (if any) have you noticed?

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    Going to have Schneider grind a few over here. Don't know much on the specs but once I touch base with Jerry over there I'll pass on the info.

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    i am running a comp xtreme marine (2000-6000rpm) 230@.50, .490 lift, 112 lobe,hydraulic lifter in my olds. She is .30 over,tunnel ram,dual holley 600's,msd 6al,crane cam ignitor kit in the dist, dry headers, and 30 degrees total timing and she runs great. especially when I nail it to the wood

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    I've been running a Clay Smith 290HL, But the new motor has a Lunati 00083. It's 224/234@ .050, .496/.520. Not real radical but should pull good to 5500, How big is your boat? what motor mods have been done? what pump and imp. cut? My boat is a heavy ass 19' tahiti, 10:1 with a torker and 850 dp and OT's, with a JG/A, droop and diverter. With a little more info on your boat/pump setup, the guys on this board can probly tell you excactly wich cam to run. Or get you real close.

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    Wet Dream
    Fogger, the boat is similar to yours. A heavy 19' Hallett. Running a Berk JC with an A, OT's, Holley 750vs on top of a Torker.
    The new engine is a 455 + .030 (461).
    Balanced, blueprinted, decked to approximately .010 deep, 10.25:1 forged pistons and G heads. The guy before me was running this Comp in it...but he was also racing this setup on the circle track.
    260/260 @ .050 and a whopping .565 on a 110* sep. I'm thinking this is a little big for the Jet.

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    Wet Dream, I agree that that is a bit big for an olds in a jet, I would probly Try some thing in the 220-230 deg range @.050 and around .500 lift this will get your power in the 3500-5000 range where we need it. Also because of the fairly restrictive exhaust ports on an olds, a split pattern works real good. The above mentioned Lunati was $145 with lifters. I am going to wet the boat this week, I'll let you know how she runs. Our motors are very similar.

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    Wet Dream
    396, Fogger,
    Are you guys running these cams straight up or advancing the gear 4*?

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    I run an Erson JB100 in a Marlin 18 1/2' with a 455, Berkley JC"A" and like it alot. It is 228 & 240 @.050 and .542 on both sides. It runs real nice and has just enough lope to the idle to make you feel good about it.
    Scuba, Sky or Muff - No Dive Too Tuff.

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    Wet Dream, straight up. Also, I have a customer that runs that same Erson that Sleek26 runs. It's in a 3800# cutlass bracket car. Street legal, mild 455. He runs low 12's all day. It would probly be a good one. Sleek26 seems to like his.

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    I built a 445 for a friend last smmer. I installed a Mondello cam. 0.523 0.544 280°/292° 236° 248° 108° I wanted to run a UltraDyne but they were having IRS problems(shut down) at that time.
    Motor was KB pistons, stock big valve "C" heads Edelbrock intake,750DP and header. it ran 73mph in a Kona with a "a" impellor.

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