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Thread: New Hondo is Home!

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    Speedin' Ian
    We just picked up the new boat. Here's a list of things we got with it and a few photos .
    -427 roller motor
    -2 stainless tanks
    -4 props
    -2 new seats
    -2 sets of gears
    -and everything else needed to put together a boat
    The only things we still need is induction, (which I think we'll have this week) plumbing, (will get that from Superdave) and powdercoating and polishing all the hardware (which we'll do in the next couple weeks). We're going to take off the pan and check a couple bearings tomorrow and then we'll start polishing the floor. Any advice for doing the floor?
    oh yeah, gunslinger was a great guy to deal with and I think he is just as excited as us to see this thing together.

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    Speedin' Ian
    here's a couple more pics. Sorry about the lighting on some of these, the pictures do this boat no justice.

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    Speedin' Ian
    sorry double post

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    Verry nice.
    Looks like a very clean boat.
    Good look getting running.

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    Vary nice looking boat! Don't forget to post some pics of your progress or when you get it together.

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    Congrats Ian very nice!.

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    Looks great Ian. Always wanted to see that boat on the forms. Get it assembled and run it. Oh yea, keep the shiny side up.

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    Boat Mike... I can't believe you haven't sold the Shovelnose yet... No way it can be built for what your asking... Bring it back up to CFW on Fathers day if you still have it...I'm sure it will sell there..

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    what a smoking deal ! I guess I just need to get faster at it.

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    Very cool Ian, I'm looking forward to see that come together. talk to you soon

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