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Thread: Y 3 K ???

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    Dr. Eagle
    Because I finally got there...
    3000th post is next. Took a long time from 2k to 3k cuz I been working my ass off for the last 4 months...
    Wah wah wah... making money beats starving!!!

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    Better save it for something good

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    anything special planned for #3,000
    Hate when work get in the way, but they are paying you more than ***boat :wink:

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    Congrats Doc. good job and thanx for all the help you given me along the way, soon I'll be at 300 !

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    Dr. Eagle
    Naw, nothing special planned. Just another day in paradise.

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    you are becoming a DIRTY LITTLE *****

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    Dr. Eagle
    Originally posted by Kilrtoy
    you are becoming a DIRTY LITTLE *****
    Kilr, you are too kind...

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    Now I can say congratulations...on 3002

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    Kilr, you are too kind
    they don't call me kind hearted killer for nothing...
    I guess I better get in gear you are catching up

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    Gee Dr. Eagle congratulations on hitting 3000+ posts ... after all that hard work I think you should rest from posting ... but I ain't worried you'll catch up to me or nothin' ... my concern is only for your well being. (take it easy and rest now k? Have you ever considered lurking? )

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