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Thread: Want to Drive a Conquest Deckboat? March 6th At Nautical Inn Cove

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    Keith E. Sayre
    Care to drive a Conquest 28' Top Cat Deckboat? Group 1 Marine
    invites you to the cove at the Nautical Inn this Saturday March
    the 6th from 9 am until about 3 pm for a ride!!
    Bring the family or come alone. It's an opportunity to drive or ride
    in one of the most sought after boats in the country. We'll have
    the new Top Cat II with twin helms and the traditional Top Cat
    deckboats fueled up and ready to go.
    This is your opportunity to find out why people wait in line to get
    one of these boats. There won't be any sales pressure or hassle-
    just drive the boat! If you want to make a deal on one, or order
    one, the factory will be open for tours and information.
    If you can't make it next weekend, let us schedule a private demo
    ride for you whenever it is convenient.
    See you next weekend.
    Keith Sayre
    Conquest Boats
    Lake Havasu City

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    I just bought a boat or I would go take a ride! I've never riden in a cat yet.

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    Rock-it man
    Originally posted by Kachina26
    I just bought a boat or I would go take a ride! I've never riden in a cat yet.
    Don't Ride in a Cat ----YOU WILL BE SORRY !!!!!!cause the next thing will be figuring out how to tell the Wife you just traded in her boat !!!!! hehehe !!!!

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    Sounds great Keith! Will you have any of your Vee bottom boats there too? What are the hours of the factory tours (after the test drive/rides)?

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    Dr. Eagle
    If I can steal away and maybe schedule a "cell site walk" out there I will try to make it. I was looking at deck boats at the show... sort of. Only a few I think look OK, Conquest was one.
    See what I can do.

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