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Thread: More New Boat Pics

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    Doug H.
    Very nice lookin boat !!!

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    I see you went with the Left Hand drive, don't see that very often. Did you have Jets in the past?

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    nice looking boat

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    I have to have a foot throttle with a port side helm because I only have one arm. I am going to have a hard time moving up to bigger boats, most of the 25 plus have built-in starboard helm and hand throttle.

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    Big, congrats on your rig, it looks great.

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    I like the simple graphics. Whie the tribal flames fad will someday pass that style will never look as dated. Looking good.
    I am eyeballing that windshield. My Carrera has it and it is susceptible to cracks and accidental abuse. I saw a guy at Martinez that had a stainless rail made custom that runs just above that windshield. Looks pretty trick and he has never had a problem in 12 years of owning the boat. It cost him a grand, but I'm probably looking at that much for a new winshield anyway.
    Plus you gotta admire a one armed guy getting out and buying a boat. That's damn cool. Here's to ya!!

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    That is one fine looking boat. Congrats

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    It's great looking! I hope it gives you and your family lots of pleasure on the water.

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    Tom Brown
    Originally posted by Mandelon
    Plus you gotta admire a one armed guy getting out and buying a boat.
    I'll bet he drives like a bandit.
    Sorry, Kahuna. Your boat kicks ass.

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