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    I will start by saying I know nothing about blowers. Only what I have read around here. It seems as though they are hard to setup. I have a tall block chevy that I am going to build, I want to get some serious hp from it, but up until now I have been reluctant to use a blower. Are they really that hard to setup? How reliable are they? Any suggetsions as far as what setup to use? thanks for the help.

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Cheyanne..a blower is fairly easy to set up..I did mine myself and Lord knows i'm not a brilliant person..Just follow all directions to a TEE !!!make sure you have enough carburation and fuel supply..there are many tech.lines you can call..Try Marv Hinemann @ The Blower Shop ..he has been very helpful to me and Considerate..# is (661)299-5483 good luck!

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    Blown Cheyenne Hydro
    look at it this way.
    a blower is just a air pump, they are very easy to setup, but there are many variables involved.
    do your homework youll be allright

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    decide whether or not u intend to stay with the new combo or will u be trying to "go faster" the next weekend---discuss your plans openly with someone that knows what they are talking about--make sure that the new combo has the right internals for a blower--(good steel crank,some good rods, right cam,flattop pistons,ect)cause sooner or later, u are gona want to change the pulleys, put in some race gas and let it graze---(remember to back out the timing with more boost) if not, be prepared to blow some head gaskets, might do it anyway--you don't have to be a rocket scientist to run a blower---just use your head and think about every change u do and what effect it will have on the motor--its hard to have the best of both worlds but you can meet someplace in the middle--buy some good parts and only cry once--have fun, be safe and watch out for the other guy

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