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Thread: pictures of my first v-drive

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    how do you get the pictures to show? thanks
    >>>There ya go. Instead of url use img tags... Rexone

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    Very nice!..

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    Nice looking ride! Now get it put together and get ready to have a real enjoyable summer. Don't forget to post some pics of you progress.

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    Looks damn good to me.

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    Very Nice Pat can't wait for summer

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    Hey Go Fast,hows your project going?

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    Originally posted by 76cole
    ok it was finally nice enough to get some pictures. tell me what ya think about my new ride
    http://www.*** Great looking ride. And I do believe thats the steering wheel that Morgs looking for his ride.

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    Your Killing me cheif. You know red won't work with my colors.
    I guess some of us know colors & some don't

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