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Thread: TJ Wrangler trani

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    My trani(manual) was getting really hard to shift. Problem got worse quick. For about a year I`ve been hearing a banging sound just like loose exhaust under the driver`s floorpan. Nothing was ever loose. Mounts ok and no lines causing it. Yesterday after coming to a stop and going from 3rd to neutral when letting out the clutch the trani was still barely engaged. I think. It was chattering. Then it was getting hard to get into other gears. Got it home backed into garage and couldn`t get it out of reverse. Slave is fine. Pulled trani and clutch is ok as well as throw out. Pilot is fine. 3 hotspots on flywheel and pressure plat. Will resurface flywheel. Orderred a CenterForce dual friction kit. On the ground I spin input shaft and its fine. Shift to third and ok for a bit then starts getting tight then you here a thump and its easy to spin but has play in it. This happens only after 3rd. WTF? Anyone know about these tranis and what aftermarket brand is there. `99 Wrangler Sahara. Thanks, James

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    which trans is it nv 3550 or the AX15
    Sounds like a bad bushing on the main shaft... easy fix, 4 hours and 14 beer

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    I don`t know. Where are the markings. I thought from the beginning it was the input shaft. Do I take the tube out and bell off to do it?

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    I will find the links to some sites for you. Step by step stuff that Tom could even follow

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    And yes
    And I sent you a PM

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    Thanks. Got PM`s. Is it a bushing?

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    canuck1,,,,,,,,,,4 hrs? 14 beers maybe but hell,,,,that mother ain`t no tic tac toe game.

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    Ok, got it torn down. Input shaft bearing has a little play. Put where the input and output meet it wiggles. I`d say that probably normal sinec case isn`t there to support it. Is there a kit or do I buy individual bearrings?

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    Originally posted by HOSS
    Is there a kit or do I buy individual bearrings?
    Didn't we just go through this wid the cam bearings?

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