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Thread: This is what Customer Service is all about.

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    Here is my story.
    I finally make the decision to buy the boat I have been wanting for over two years. A Magic Deck Boat.
    In December, I start talking with them, negotiate a great deal, and sign up at the end of the month. First week of January, I draw out my boat and go down there. Darrin does a great job helping me with every detail.
    Seven weeks later, the boat is done right on time. The weather sucks so I can not pick it up. He offer's to keep my boat till the weather clears and store it inside till I am ready to pick it up.
    Today is the day. I finally get to demo my boat. I have been waiting for this day for ever.
    I show up at Magic, the boat looks perfect, I can not find a flaw. We finish all the paper work, and I am going to go to their facility by the Windsor launch to pick up the rep that is going to take me on my demo. Who is going to go out with me? Ron Moyes, Owner of Power Marine. How cool is that, the owner is going to demo the boat with me.
    So I drive about two blocks, make a right turn, and like a complete moron, I slam the right front trailer wheel into the curb hard. I have not towed a boat this long before, and did not pay attention for a second, and bam, blown tire, bent fender, & destroyed wheel, inside cover broken, and axle is pushed back, (possibly bent). Remember, I have owned this boat for about ten minutes, and I already completely screwed up, and there goes my demo. I am friggen devastated.
    I call Darrin in a panic, and start taking off the wheel so I can move it. He is there in a minute. Helps me get it together and gets me back to the shop. I feel like a complete tard.
    My day is over. Darrin and Michelle in the office do everything they can to make me feel better and not so stupid, but it doesnÂ’t work.
    Oh well, I am on my way home to Vegas with no boat. The repair will be done in about a week. I figure I am going to be out five to seven bills easy.
    About ten minutes into my drive, I get a call from Darrin telling me that Ron Moyes feels so bad for me, they are going to take my boat off the trailer, send the trailer to Phoenix, do all the repairs, replace whatever needs to be done at No Charge. Get the trailer back and I will be good to go.
    How cool is that? I completely screw up with out even someone from Magic with me and they are going to take care of all the repairs at no charge. Darrin did tell me they would only do this for me one time though j/k.
    I am blown away at the quality of service and attention I have received from Magic. I could not give them a higher recommendation.
    Anyone in the market for a new boat, take a look at Magic or Sleekcraft, you will not be disappointed.
    P.S. If you are going to upgrade from a smaller boat into something bigger, Make sure you take really really wide turns.

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    Great story, glad to hear good customer service sounds like they treated you well from the beginning to end.
    You learned a lesson and will be more careful now.
    By the boat looks great, congratulations

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    Like Darrin said," I bet this will never happen again".
    He is right.

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    My wife slammed the trailer on our new bigger boat into a curb at Windsor a couple of weeks ago. Was our first time out too. We got lucky no damage. Congrats on the new ride, looks pretty sweet.

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    Doug H.
    Glad to hear of the new boat and your right about customer service !! it goes along way, good to hear they are going to take care of you. Kudos to Magic Boats

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    I met Darrin at the LA Boat Show and he was generous with his time talking to me about their boats and their customer service. Darrin was (is) determined to make sure that the problems some Magic owners have had is a thing of the past and he's leading the effort himself.
    Your sad story with a very happy ending is another indication that Darrin is doing it and Magic is supporting him which can only be a good thing for every Magic customer and for the company as well.
    Congratulations on your new Magic deckboat!

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    Thanks you guys.

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    that is how we learn, right!:.:wink:
    It will all workout. And, once you take the 'Official Delivery'
    and get the chance to float will be very happy!

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    well that is good news.

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    Darrin, post us up a pic of Millers deck if you please. His e-mail will never work. . I can't wait for summer.
    Thanks, Mike

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