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Thread: Older 22-24 vee-botom wanted

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    Just wondered if anyone knows of anyone who knows of anyone who knows of any decent deals\ on a solid turnkey 22' (or up) vee-bottom with BB power, IO or jet. Preference older Spectra, Hallett, Howard, Schiada, etc., looking $6-10K range. LA-Havasu-Phx OK. Please e-mail, or call 808 875-8710. Thanks!

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    Check your e-mail

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    Nice boat....need a closed bout with a deeper vee...I'm in the salt!

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    Originally posted by h2oedits
    Nice boat....need a closed bout with a deeper vee...I'm in the salt!
    A buddy of mine just sold his '79 Howard 22' v-drive 502 for $16k. You're gonna have to raise you budget a little for a Howard, Hallett, or Schiada. Not sure what Spectra's go for.

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    Look on & There are a couple of Spectras in the boattrader, Spectra 20 jet $5,600.00 & Spectra 24 v-drive for $12,000.00.
    There is a few Howard 21 jets (Spectra 20) in the boat trader, also in your price range.
    Good Luck,

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    The guy with the 24's link didn't work, and there isn't any other info on you happen to know how to reach him?

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    I just pm you

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    Miller Boats, Jim Miller has a Spectra Cruiser mold, still building it.

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    spectras only
    Originally posted by RiverDave [/i]
    [B]When the editor of ***boat magazine would rather purchase an older style boat then a new one..
    RD [/QUOTE] My boat is 32 yrs old , has been sitting on its original trailer since new.Other than for the chalked gelcoat [has been painted now ] the hull is as straight as new ,due to the hull's super layup . The side of the boat is as thick as some new boat's bottom.There are still excellent boats made today for a lot of money, but can't beat the price factor on an old quality boat like that 26 Sanger for sale posted on the board here.The only prob with that model is the lack of cabin space for a 26 footer.Still wouldn't mind having it if I didn't have the spectra already The 26'er I saw had volvo outdrive and the one for sale is really cool with that speedmaster/high HP combo. H2Oedit ,you could probably find an older Howard 25 Citation , that would fit your requirement

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