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Thread: Motor Recall

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    Do anyone know what the recall is all about on the 496, and if so, where did you take yours to have it taken care of. Looking for somewhere in the Riverside, Corona area.

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    What recall?

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    Don't know about the recall, but Quality Performance and Marine is located in Corona and they handle a lot of the Mercury warranty issues.

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    Is there a website we can go to look up these kinds of things?

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    Dr. Eagle
    If there is a recall by a marine manufacturer, boat or propultion plant mfg., it should be on this page.
    CG Recall Page (
    Worth a try...

    Here is another place to find recalls and pretty good archive of old ones. I didn't see anything for 496 stern drives, there were some for Merc shifters and shift cables.
    Boat US Recall Page (

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    that's about all I came up with.

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    Dr. Eagle
    Sounds like a rumor started somewhere...
    Maybe wishful thinking???

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    Salty Cracker
    Try this site...
    496 Recall Info (

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    There was also a recall a year or two ago on the pushrods.

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