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Thread: Cavitation Plate Metal?

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    I am going to make new Plates for the 22' Schiada. Should I use 6061 Aluminum 3/16 or Stainless Steel 3/16? Is the Stainless better for the money or is it just Show?

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    I use either 6061 T6 or 2024 T4 on my race boats. Both I believe are aircraft quaility alloy and I believe one is weldable (I think the 6061 is). Wouldn't the stainless steel work harden and become brittle. I am interested in what some of the USA race guys have to say about this.

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    3/16, 6061-T6 and make sure the grain is running Fore and aft......
    No on the Stainless.........

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    Stainless is what Lee uses on most of his boats now. If you like I have a set for a 21ft rc. Or if you like I have 6061 t6 for an aluminum set.

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    Schiada96 How Much? Alluminum and Stainless price Difference? I Have my old ones, would they be needed to cut for bolt pattern? John..

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    I'd use stainless. No upkeep. Anodize or polishing takes a beating on cav plates in the water all the time. Polished stainless would be my choice.

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    Wouldn't 3/16" stainless be too stiff and rigid to "warp" effectively?

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    Originally posted by AzDon
    Wouldn't 3/16" stainless be too stiff and rigid to "warp" effectively?

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    Here's what I know, stainless only 1/8" thick is on my AquaCraft and the only difference I can see is the weight. It's heavy! and in order to fill the hulls plate cavity, it has a thin spacer so the plate is flush with the bottom. Should I take the spacer out and give it a 'step'? jErKoUt

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    My flat's all had some type of alum plates. I would think they were 6061. My schiada has s.s. plates. And Jerk is right. they are heavy mofo's.
    If I was doing any type of race boat I would go with the weight savings and use 6061. But on a 22' curiser I don't know if it's worth it. The polished ones on mine are easy to keep up that's for sure.

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