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Thread: Glastron Carlson racing history (SPAM - LOL!)

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    Tom Brown
    A very rare treat has been bestowed on me.
    Former Glastron Carlson team racer Alan Miller has provide a wealth of G/C racing pictures and newspaper clippings through a friend (Rick Garcia). Rick has passed this information on to me and I have added it to my web site.
    Most of the pictures are from 79/80 and were taken at Havasu or Parker. You may get a kick out of them.
    Bill Muncey CVX-20 Sprint SCE (
    Alan Miller CVX-20 Sprint SCE (
    -- Tom

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    Forkin' Crazy
    I noticed that most of those old boats had Evinrudes on them, so if you really want your Glastron to go fast............
    Tom, I use to know where one of those "T" top boats were if your intrested.

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    If Glastron/Carlson was good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for me.

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    Tom Brown
    A Scimitar (CVT-23) would be a little big for the water I boat in, FC. They are super cool, if not fast.
    If I could get a good deal on one though, I'd buy it as a collectible.

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    scimitar 23' Not Fast ? I have a orig. green T-Top with a 7.4 365 hp. B.B.C. and bravo III outdrive. We used it to water ski race untill we hurt the outdrive. It runs at 68 MPH pulling a skier. Boat has sat for 3 years and needs a new home. $5000.00 If interested contact Ron by phone at 503-680-1200. if no answer please leave message.

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