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    I have a set of 10-1 JE Pistons for a standard bore 502 Chevy. They were in the boat motor for two years. These are in great condition, and I can send pics. Originally, they were over $800, so I think $300 is a fair price for them.
    Also have an unknown type .540 lift hydraulic camshaft & lifters, new (in box) Comp roller chain and sprockets. By the chain at price and get a cam. I need the shelf space.

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    Are you saying these are used pistons with 2 seasons on them or have they been sitting in an unused engine for 2 years?

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    Hey SW, good point. I installed them when I built the motor in 2000, then it sat in the floor while I finnished the paint job. In all, I was on the water from April 2001 till November.

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