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Thread: Natural Gas Bill $$$$$

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    Wet Dream
    I started this thread the other day after not fully reading my bill. It didn't state the credit for the previous month on it, so there was an additional $115 on the bill, bringing it to $530. After Delaware Dave pointed it out to me, I deleted it. Sorry to the guys that made posts.
    So, for November I'm paying $115, here is December and its now $415.
    Although the prices are still higher than last year, I'm glad they didn't double as expected.

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    We use to talk about natural gas prices in forward contracts at low of $1.50 and a high of $3.5 per MCF. Today we looking at forwards of today at $12 and highs close to $18. This is crazy!!!!!!!!!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    just like everything else going up it sucks

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    From last month, my Gas bill more than doubled

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    It's still cheaper paying the heating bill than the cost of fueling the boats!We burn't $ 450.00 in one day last summer.
    Cost for beer goes way down in the winter months to offset heating cost. :hammer2:

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    I just want to point out how much I love my wood stove now. I feed the B*tch and she keeps me warm. Its a good relationship we have.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    I have propane heat that runs about 1.69 per gallon. I get it for about 1.39 if I buy 2000 gallons at a time but thats just during harvest.

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    I need to get another couple hundred bucks worth of oil for the furnace. That'll be $500 this month, just for oil. I haven't started heating the garage yet.

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    Wet Dream
    Kerosene is $2.60 a gallon up here.

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    There is a station around here that has dyed kerosene about that price. Dyed #2 is about $2.05 more or less.
    Edit: I spoke too soon. Today's price= $2.19 for dyed #2!

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