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Thread: In Memory of those lost

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    I haven't posted since this tragic accident. We are just heartsick over this sudden turn of events. Our heart and prayers go out to the HTM families who have suffered such a great loss. I know it is not my place to pick a time and date, but I think we should have a get together in their memory at Havasu this summer. Maybe a couple of weeks before Memorial day weekend? The sand bar will be open and it just might get us all thinking about boating a little more safely before the season starts. If any one is interested Jetboat Brian is offering @ to make memorial vinyl stickers free of charge for our boats and tow vehicles. There is a direct link on this forum at Cats & Tunnels/ You mean I'm not safe? posted by Superdave013.
    I never met Mr.PumpsHTM but I enjoyed talking with him on these boards and on the phone on a regular basis. I feel as if I have lost a good friend this week, that in person I have never met. We are a tight nit family pulled together by the love of this sport.
    These four men will be greatly missed by all!

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    Warlock 25, I was thinking the same thing about doing some kind of memorial get together. I'm kind of far from Havasu but If I can do anything to help set something up let me know.

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    Originally posted by warlock25:
    I know it is not my place to pick a time and date, but I think we should have a get together in their memory at Havasu this summer.
    I would imagine that a date had already been set for this year's HTM regatta. Maybe a show of support could be tied-in to that event?

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    At this time there is no regatta for this year for HTM.

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    Warlock25, I was thinking along those same lines. I'll definately be there.

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    Count me in, along with whatever support I can provide...
    Too much to think about to sleep... this sucks

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    as an owner and a very satisfied customer I am deeply saddened by the recent news, I never really got an oppurtunity, to meet the other three gentelmen, however they will be missed, I did have many dealings with Steve and he was a great person both onshore and offshore, this was a very sad day for the boating industry!!!!!!
    My Thoughts and Prayers go out to all families involved!!!!!!

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    I being from the southeast (SC) have been keeping up with all of the news. The news of course is on all of the boating sites. This is a large head count to our sport.
    The cost of this accident will be higher probably than anyone could imagine. The responses from everyone is overwhelming. Open hearts all the way. If you can spare a little change or a lot of change let's open our wallets to also help in this tragedy. With the number of members in our boating families we CAN help out the HTM families.
    Thanks, Mike
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    COunt me in, whatever is needed donations for the family or support at an event, I'm there.

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