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Thread: Nephew is off to get the race car trailer

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    My nephew (RCL's son) left with a friend of ours this morning for Franklin TN to get our new race car trailer. Technology is an amazing thing anymore. We put XM radio in the truck before they left so they have tunes and news. I have been tracking their progress on Map Quest. They plan to drive all day and night and get in there about noon tomorrow. Hopefully they will get a room there and then head back early Wednesday morning.
    So far only one speeding ticket too bad with all that technology they didn't take a radar detector!
    It's about 2000 miles one way so they have their work cut out for them.

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    Hopefully your nephew (RCL'S son) isn't anything like his father or you could be in trouble. Or is that why you have the tracking deal going on :idea:?. Lord knows there's enough bar's from Boise to Franklin Tenn. to get a guy in trouble. I also hope you gave him a false ID with a different last name then Minegar cause who knows what and where Lou caused his last scene :cry: :rollside:

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    Actually Rattle Can Lou got all drunked up the other day and said he was going with them.... Imagine the fear I had with that news. That messy, lazy SOB in my totor home for four or five days!
    Once he sobored up he realized that he really didn't need a four day nap. Cause that is what it would have been for him.
    His son whom you will meet Jan 14th is much different then RCL. He is polite and very level headed. I think he gets it from his mom.
    Billy I hope you had a great Christmas.

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    LMAO, that is too funny!..

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    His son whom you will meet Jan 14th is much different then RCL. He is polite and very level headed. I think he gets it from his mom.
    Billy I hope you had a great Christmas. Same to you Pat. I was begining to get worried.................... :cry: No call from the town cryer on Friday. What gives????. To many frosties at the race party and he could see to dial the #'s !!!!!

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    Well here is what happened...
    this Lou got a little sh@t faced in McCall Idaho on Tuesday night and left his brief case in the bar. I have a small branch up there (70 Miles north) and had to get back early Thursday morning. So I was unable to retreive my palm pilot with your numbers in it until Saturday morning.
    I can tell you we went to the bar for lunch and had to stay long enough for dinner Friday. We did tons of bench racing and making fun of RCL of course.

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    Well here is what happened...
    We did tons of making fun of RCL of course. RIGHT!!!!...NICE. :rollside:

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    McCall Idaho.......... the cops use really nice sno-mobiles for patroling in
    the winter........

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    Yeah they use nice snowmobiles up there. Have you ever snowmobiled there?

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    3:30 Boise time Dave and Rick have left Wildside in Franklin TN and starting back... They drove all day and night to get there by 2:30 today. 30 hours non stop...
    Sounds like there headed back to Nashville for a little rest - bed and a nice steak before starting back tomorrow am for a Thursday return.
    Will post pictures of the new set up when I get them.

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