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Thread: did anybody see the kurtis hydro on ebay?

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    talk about screwing up a boat!!!!------some one took a kurtis hydro with a capsule and bolted some clamp-on mounting plates to the transom----I wonder if they even thought about making it stronger-----the transoms on these boats are maybe 1/2 plywood!!!!-----surely the clamp-on guys would not go so far to attempt to make a competative boat out of this thing!!!----I saw that it gave special thanks to Kebin Kinsley on the transom before the clamp-on mounts were installed------and he is a capsule certifyer and hydro driver who has gone to racing a alcohol funny car-----surely he wouldn't do something like this!!!!------ and the seller says the boat is in Houston----does anybody know anything about this boat-----nice trick paint and called "Grounds for Divorce"

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    I haven't seen that one but when I first met Frank Carter in the very early 90's, he came to me looking for some help tuning an outboard on the rear of a 501. Later on, Frank converted it back to an inboard and ran in the 8 or 9 second class for quite a while. I think it was the original Aquaholic, at least for Frank. Later found out that this was a boat the John White had owned and/or driven in Pro Gas Hydro before the capsule rule. Don't know what became of it after Frank went fuel racing.

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    I have a Kaase hydro which is a copy of a Curtis but it was made with a transom for an OB. Damn thing runs hard and handles great. It'll be around Havasu this year. It's the one in my avatar.

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