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Thread: New imco sc with 3" shorter lower

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    Brand new imco sc with imco 3" shorter lower for sale with 1-1/4 propshaft and 1.36 gears.$8000

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    is this the drive for the daytona???? when ya gonna finish the boat...The Bite me project looks great in the garage..daytona is coming home soon...I'll be ready to run your ass then....

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    Its the drive.I have others available.Let me know when you want a drive.Hey that daytona i saw is off olive and its next to a field.It is a 21 daytona.Its on the north side of olive.Its not out front anymore.I saw it just one day.I wonder if thats it.Did you look at the pink to make sure its a 22.They do measure different.

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    thats the one...I was getting rid of both boats to buy a 28 ft deal and deceided to hold off...thats my buddy Paul thats got the boat...yea your right, they do measure's not as tall as yours...I worked a deal with him not to long ago...he just moved in to that place on if I had some more time I can get one of the boats done..

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    You could make that boat a screamer with your motor.Looks like i might go blown.Do you know anybody with a 10-71 for sale?

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    I went and picked up a new blower manifold with ALL accesories, polished moonyham...idler plate, blocks and pulleys...hell of a if I can get your sister to buy me a drive for my birthday...Bite me project is going in for graphics at the end of the will be in your "hood" soon!!!

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    565edge I still have that 14 for sale if interested. Maybe we can swing a deal with the blower and the drive thing. pm me if interested. Don

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    Still have it.What are you looking to spend?Let me know.I remember we talked price before but let me know.$5500 and your blower sound good?Call me at 1-661-663-0443.Thanks:Allen

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