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Thread: OT: Auto GPS Units???

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    Hi guys/ gals,
    I'm looking at buying my brother's family a new GPS Nav unit for a late Christmas present. Did anyone get one for Xmas? What do you guy recommend?
    I've been doing some research on line and there are alot of different units on the market. I want something between $400-600 and has the audible commands.
    Thanks for the help,

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    We use a little Garmin Quest in our work truck. It's in the price range and its a small unit. Can fit in your pocket. It has voice commands. We us it in California, Nevada and Arizona and we haven't been lost yet. The only bad thing about the unit is that it only has 110MB of memory without an external slot. We have all of Arizona, Nevada and California from Sacramento down loaded in it. I took it to Hawaii and had to delete some of the Ca maps to the load the Hawaii maps. It's easy, like transfering pictures back and forth from a digital camera

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    Kindsvater Flat
    I have the larger street pilot. I paid right around a 1000 out the door. Works nice big maps. I have both Topo and Street maps loaded. Only 2 things I hate. 1. The chicks voice. 2. Uses 12v only, no batteries.

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