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Thread: Flywheel or Flexplate

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    Flexplate.... I think.... Looks pretty beefy though, SFI maybe???

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    That is a flex-plate. A flywheel would have a smooth face where a clutch disk would engage.

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    I was kinda wondering myself if we can mount a auto tranny flywheel on the boat instead of a heavy manual flywheel. Is this possible? Are there any advantages?

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    I've allways used flexplates, and don't think I've seen a flywheel on a boat. :idea:

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    Well mine deffinatly has a heavy flywheel behind the olds 455. Didint know if it was somthing required or not. I have a flex plate off a car i could try to install.

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    you would think a flex plate would be less rotating mass weight. only thing either are good for on a jet is starting it.go flex plate.

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    The flexplate will let it wind up a bit quicker, useful on a jet boat, beyond that, not much reason to get a preference. Well, there IS the 40 or so pound weight savings ....

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    Nucking futs
    You can run either one. I hear the flexplate will get your R's up quicker, but the flywheel is easier on the engine in the long run becuase the weight is allowing the engine to spin with less effort.
    Post this over in gearheads and More will chime in on this. there was a good thread on it awile ago but I can't seem to find it at the moment....
    If you have a crank with no rods, Imagine taking a flexplate, spin it and see how long it will spin. Now do the same with a flywheel and see how much longer it spins.Yes its more mass, but once you get it there, it works easier.
    Just my .02

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    Use an aluminum flywheel! It is light and it won't flex when the starter engages and rip the teeth off. If you don't have a nasty motor, either will work. A flexplate in a car is no problem cause the torque convertor is bolted to it and provides rigidity for the ring gear. The fool that I bought my last alum. flywheel from at a local swap meet laughed to his friends that he screwed me because the flywheel needed to be surfaced and someone told him that it couldn't be done,(wrong again). He "got" me for $10.00 on it. Its still in the boat 4 years later. Yup, I was "got". TIMINATOR

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