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    Saw you on the Chanel 11 news right now. Very disturbing finding in Corona. A body was found at a home. Reporters said police have the KIDS aunt and uncle in custody for the murder. A body was previously found a couple of weeks ago I belive and this was the second body if I heard right. Sick, sick people. Sorry you had to go through that Slink. Much respect for you.

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    Hope this wasn't anywhere near my house Joey The 2nd body at the same house?
    Yup, 2nd body at the same house. It was of Bell street. When the map came up it looked like it was over off Grand somewhere. Sad story.

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    Both kids? WTF!
    Very disturbing. I can't believe what kind of shit goes on. Especially around the holidays. I heard a 11 yr old was shot and killed in riverside on Christmas day in a drive by shooting. The family only lived in the house for a week.

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    Glad you did not see me this time....
    Slink is now the night time star

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    Glad you did not see me this time....
    Slink is now the night time star
    Man, I can't even imagine some of the stuff you guys see out there. The body was starting to decompose so they all had masks on. Like I said, much respect.

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    Damn slink...what kinda crazy ...ish you got going on in C-town. Good thing OC is squared away and not all F'd up like Corona...(lol)

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    Holy mackeral that is sad. If that is near Grand, that shit is just down the street from me a few miles. I live near Belle. If it's the same street. :sqeyes: :sqeyes: :sqeyes: Sad story. 2 in the same place?? WTF??

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    Mrs. casean
    I saw that this morning. So sad that people do this kind of crap! Nice family he was living w/ eh? I can't even believe the first boy's aunt and uncle did that! Anyone know the relationship of this boy that was found this morning to those ugly sick people? Poor kids. Sick world we live in!

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