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Thread: WANTED- Motor Plate/Rail Kit(s)

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    I am in search of used (must not be cracked) motor mounting plates, preferably the rail kit versions, front and rear flat plates for a BBC, BBF, and or Big Olds...
    Please send all leads to

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    I have a set of front and rear bbc plates polished,I beleive they are lighning,I need taller ones as i have moved my motor around,let me know.

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    You pretty well have to make your own to fit your application, every boat is different!!...

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    Ironically this is not for a boat application. We are using them as templates for mounting motors to our test stand. This way all we have to do is mount them to the plates and slide them into the stands rails. Easy day...
    Tall or short....doesn't matter...send me some leads.
    565Edge and Wsuwrhr I'll talk with ya tomorrow.

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    Cole Sanger
    Are you looking for these?

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    Cole Sanger:
    Are you looking for these?
    [img]http://www.***[/img] Thanks for the pics but unfortunately those aren't what I'm looking for. I am looking for a used set/s of plate versions. I might end up going with new from Mike@Rex or having some custom cut.

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