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Thread: Schiada FLAT 17' 10" FOR SALE

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    The boat is a 17'10" Schiada Flatbottom V-Drive
    Heavy Duty Tandom Axle Trailer with new steel fenders which need bolted on, and the trailer is ready to be cleaned up and sprayed, new bunks, and tires are pretty good for a long haul. THIS IS NOT THE TRAILER IN THE PIC, it was on a single and i got a tandom this past year.
    Grab Handle
    Vented BAcking Plate
    Left Foot Fabricated Purple Foot Pedal With Hardware (Cav Plate)
    2 Purple Water Dumps
    2 Purple Fuel Vents
    Dual Spring Setup (Cav Plate)
    Extra Single Spring Kit
    Steering Shaft Tube
    Formuling 9 Bolt Polished Alum Wheel/ White Leather
    Purple 9 Bolt Hub Center
    Fabricated Foot Throttle Purple With Stringer Mount
    Purple Exhaust Block Offs
    Polished Front Bow Eye
    Polished Thru Hull Fitting
    Polished Billet Cav Plate Handle
    Purple Billet Battery Box
    Purple Deck Guage Pod
    Billet Purple Cut Transom Blocks
    Billet Polished Plate Feet
    Polished Turnbuckles
    Purple Billet Control Arm
    Purple Cavitation Plates (Ready to bolt on, Prime Marine matched up the old ones)
    Polished Strip Below Plate Feet To Offset The Purple
    Custom Transom Plate (Behind Transom Blocks)Purple Milled Slots From Prime Marine
    Autometer Marine White Guages
    3 3/8 8000 rpm tach
    2 5/8 Volt 2 5/8 Water temp 2 5/8 Oil Pressure
    All Purple Guage Bezels
    Gaffrig Boost Guage For Guage Pod
    2 Chrome T Handle Drain Plugs
    Push Pull Switch with billet purple pump knob and bezel
    Key Switch and Purple Bezel
    2 Fiberglass Canyon Marine Buckets White and Purple NEVER USED!!
    All Hallcraft Steering In Perfect Shape
    Alum Seat Braces from Canyon Marine
    Motor Plates BBC with Billet Feet (34" forward from transom)
    Alum Rails / Backing Plates
    All Steel Running Gear still in boat
    New alum Rudder brace with self aligning flange bearing and locks
    Steering and rudder quadrant etc not pictured but i have it and all in great shape.
    Other MISC. Things
    Boat needs painted, trailer isnt a rusty mess but needs painted, the boat needs a gearbox and minor odds and ends. Could easily be in water by summer.
    PM me for more info or my phone #

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    Huffpower check your PM's

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    Would consider a trade for a jet drive race pump (a new one) with a stainless impeller, inducer, snoot, diverter, 17-4 shaft etc.
    I do not want a used pump, but a new one, complete ready to place in a new hull maybe in the near future.

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