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Thread: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Frenchie's new suit!

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    I ain't even gonna look at this, but you have to !

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    june 4th!!!!!!! :hammer2: :hammer2: :idea:

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    What the.........................I cant see..........Who turned out the light's...

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    You mean this one?
    How cute, matching thongs !!! I'll take the one on the left

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    Tom Brown
    Doesn't it feel like a strangulating hernia when you pull your shorts up like that?

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    How cute, matching thongs !!! I'll take the one on the left
    Are you looking from the back or the front of the boat......

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    I saw that picture taking place and I couldnt stand the sight of it. I warned all my buddies and a couple had their eyes burned. :2purples: :2purples:

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    At least his calves are tan !! :2purples:
    How did you do in the Poker Run Dave ??

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    We had such a blast! 8 hands and all I came up with was a pair of 9's. The dinner that night was crazy. I think my table was the loudest. I think we consumed the majority of the alcohol.
    Nice to finally meet you. I plan on going back up middle of June and then everyother weekend this summer.

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