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Thread: ZZ 502/502 Crate Motor

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    Purchasing a new ZZ502 crate this month. Does anyone have any experiance marinizing this combo? Any comments as to what else I should do to this engine for marine use. Using victor jr. intake, marine 850 or 1050 holley mech secondaries, marine distributor, starter, bigger oil pan, Manley severe duty exhaust valves, Gil exhaust. Does anybody think I am missing or overlooking anything. Does anyone have a cam shaft recomendation to pull a little more power out of this engine? Anyone know from experince how much lift I could get away with, with this combo?

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    fat rat
    Jeff, good choice we been running a crate 502 in our boat for the last 4 years. We are running a 850 holley mech sec., full MSD non marine ign., Lunati cam part# 00024, Crane Roller Rockers, Doolley 10 qut pan, Holley blue pump w/reg. boat runs 14 mph faster than my stock 454/330hp ran and this was on GPS. Good Luck

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    Fat Rat
    Did you run the engine before swapping cams? If so what impeller and rpm did it run at? The torque this engine makes stock has to be a real kick (567 ft lbs). Just currious what differance the Lunati cam made. I thought about using the 850 also just wasn't sure if that would be enough cfm. Are you running the stock valves?

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    fat rat
    Jeff, I ran one season with stock cam and the same A-impeller, the motor turned 4750, with 31 degrees of adv. timming. This past summer I installed the MSD ign. w/36 degrees of advanced timming, what a difference. Everything else is stock.
    Fat Rat

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    Fat Rat
    Thanks for the info. I was hoping you would have run a little harder with the (A). That was approximately 425 hp @ 4750. I was hoping to spin an (A) at least 4900 rpm min. with stock set-up. Engine is suppose to dyno at 502 hp at 5250 rpm. Huuuum !!! How much fuel pressure are you running? Is your pump mounted below or above your fuel tank. I don't think I will have the room to mount mine below the tank.

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    fat rat
    Jeff, remeber I was only runninng 31 degrees of total timming with my engine in stock form and my engine is a non roller. My personal thoughts are that you shouldn't have any problem spinning 4900 rpm. My pump is set at 7lbs of pressure, and mounted even with the bottom of the fuel tanks.
    Fat Rat

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    Fat Rat thanks for the info I might have to give ya a holler later.

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