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Thread: Favorite Grade School Lunch Item

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    Back when.... like jr high school, they had these sandwiches call "super 70's". I'd die for one right now. Pizza day was always pretty good too.

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    Sloppy joes slop sloppy joes............ :coffeycup

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    the card board they call pizza

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    Wiener Wraps dipped in a mixture of mayo and mustard

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    Pigs in a blanket

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    Tow Guy
    build your own salad sold by the pound

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    Make your own tacos (which consisted of either adding lettuce and cheese or not adding lettuce and cheese)
    LMAO...I remember that one

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    the rectangle pizza in an aluminum tin was the best.

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    Pigs in a blanket
    I was going to say that but I didnt think anybody but me knew what thoses were.

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    Mrs CP 19
    Macaroni and cheese. Corndogs right up there as well!

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