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Thread: best route PHX to NV

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    Liquid Life
    Whats the best route from Phoenix to Lake Mead with towing a boat?

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    Whats the best route from Phoenix to Lake Mead with towing a boat?
    Thru Wikenburg and Kingman on 93.

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    If I had to do it I'd go out through Wickenburg to the 93 up to the 40 to Kingman and on up. I think they're letting boats over the dam again. If not you'd have to go through Bullhead and Laughlin and then up to Boulder City and back down to Mead, depending on where you are planning on launching.

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    Liquid Life
    93 to Kingman can be crazy. Is construction done? Is 93 now two lanes each way? Planning to launch at Lake Mead Marina or Hememway.

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    Last time I was on 93 it was 2 lanes each way pretty much all the way to Wikieup. That road is so much better than it was 8 years ago when I was driving it every week. The only other options would be to take the 17 to Flag and the 40 across which will add a couple hours on, or out through Parker/Havasu and up to Kingman that way, which will add a couple hours. 93 out of Wickenburg is the best bet.

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    Liquid Life

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    We were taking our boat across the dam as soon as they lifted the restrictions after 9/11. (No box vans but boats are cool). Just tow it uncovered and be cool to the cops at the check point so they don't give you a hard time and it will be no problem. 93 is pretty good now. We do the drive all the time. There is no faster way.
    BTW, Temple Bar is the closest and unless you are staying in Boulder City/Henderson I would launch there.

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    Lake Mead marina has the best facilites to launch when the ater is down. I just did the Mesa to Vegas drive last month for the first time in 6 or 7 years. I did the Wickenberg, Kingman, etc on the way there. Didn't seem too bad, but there is still some stretches of 2 lane that you get cought behind RV's. Defineithly happy with my Edge Attitude programmer on the truck, but back to the point.
    My truck was inspected at the dam checkpoint, and I asked them if I could pull my boat over the dam. They said if they were able to inspect it, it could go over the dam. I just hate the winding road around the dam area.
    On the way back, I went through Searchlight and Needles, and into Havasu (had to check on the boat being built). It took me 2 hours 5 minutes to get from Vegas (Southwest side) to Magic in Havasu. Then, not towing, 3 hours to my house in Mesa. It was jsut a little longer, but I liked the road much better from Vegas to Havasu, then the other way. I might be heading to Mead for Memorial Day, and I think I'll go through Havasu, or find some route to put me on those roads. Is there a way to use that route and bypass Havasu and save a little time?

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    Is there a way to use that route and bypass Havasu and save a little time?
    I don't know how much time it will save you, but instead of turning towards Havasu when you get into Parker, you can cross the river and head up on the Cali side. I haven't done that road for a long time but it will run you right into the 40 at Needles.

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