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Thread: Obesity in America

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    Last weekend I read an article on Obesity in America the main focus was child obesity and the things I read rasied some real concerns for me. In the article they talked about a Rialto boy who now weighs in at over 500 pounds. The boy is 5'9 and 15 years old.
    Americans seem to like to put the blame on others for their problems. Most people blame places like MCDonalds and other fast food chains for not offering enough healthy foods on their menu. I also hear people blame video games, schools, and parents for the problem. So who really is to blame here?
    Since I have gone from being a child to an adult which at age 24 was not all the long ago I have seen some real changes in how children do things. I can remember as a kid being outside all the time building bike jumps, riding bikes everywhere we went and playing sports in the street. Video games were around and we played them but our parents limited the amount of time we were allowed to play video games in favor us doing things like riding bikes and playing sports.
    Today I look on the streets and see very few children outside playing anymore. About 60% of the kids who live in my neighborhood now are fat not just chubby but fat. They come out of their houses for about 30 minutes on Saturday to mow the lawn and then they are back inside playing video games and eating pizza. The people 2 houses down from me seem to have the pizza man at their house about 4 nights a week.
    This is a real concern for me. I was reading somewhere that within 20 years 1 in 12 adolescent children will develop type 2 diabetes. If a child develops Type Diabetes before age 15 it will shave aproxamately 20-35 years off of their life span. So why do parents allow it to happen?
    In the last 2 years my grandmother, best friends grandmother (who has been nothing less then a grandmother to me), and another close friend have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. They now have to take tons of meds everyday just so they can feel somewhat normal.
    When my grandmother was diagnosed it was a real eye opener for me and made me look at how I was eating and made me realize the effects of how I was eating and living could really mess me up. On January 1st I wrote off beer and most junk food. I drink a beer from time to time but not very often and when I do it is one or two beers. Since January I went from 250 lbs to 220 lbs and I'm still losing weight. My goal is 195 lbs by January of 06 and I think if I stick to it I can achieve that goal. I don't have a lot of will power but have managed to do it so why is it a problem for so many other people?
    What do you guys think we should do as a nation to stop obesity?

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    As a nation, I'm not sure what we can do. It's very hard to legislate common sense although the politicians always attempt to do so.
    I agree with your assessment. I'm a little older than you but it was the same when I was a kid. We were told to go outside because it was too nice of a day to stay indoors. We played football or stick-ball in the street. Rode our bikes all over town. That does not happen any longer. Why? I don't really know. Some of it is due to everyone always being on the go. Precious spare time for adults to share and spend with their kids. I also think some people are skepitcal of letting their kids ride all over town on their bikes for fear that something bad will happen to them.
    There are many causes and probably just as many solutions. But I'm overweight, as those of you have met me can attest to, but it aint someone elses fault, it's all my fault. I got myself in this predicament, but now I've got to get myself out of it. I need to pick myself up by my bootstraps and do what needs to be done. Too many people now take no responsibility for their actions and that can attributed to alomost any activity.

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    We're turning into a nation of fat lazy pussies. Parents are working to pay for all of the over priced crap while kids sit around and eat all the microwave burritos from costco. Meanwhile since pedifiles are rampent everywhere these days parents don't want their kids running around the streets. There are some fundimental things that are wrong these days. TV is always trying to brainwash you into buying things (to make your life more complete). While your out chasing a 50k car or a 800k trophy house your neglecting the things in life that really matter YOUR KIDS! Imagine what that's doing to the kids. I've done my part in the neighborhood. I built the kids a ramp so they can do tricks with their razors and skate boards. I hope I don't get sue'd when and if someone gets hurt. The sad part is that I actually have to think about that. And when they sell their homes they'll use some jerk who give out free note pads. Whata gonna do?

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    computers video games and such have todays kids indoors way more than my generation did.....also we as a generation are spending more time working and less time vacationing with the family than generations passed.
    Think of what it is going to cost the taxpayers when all thses fat kids become of age that Mom And Dads insurance no longer covers them....18-21...and their all but guaranteed health side effects kick in...who is gonna pay the tab for Jr's quadruple bypass surgery...?
    Its all RD's fault anyway.....look at the example he sets...cheeseburgers for breakfast and whatnot..... :rollside:

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    One of the problems with letting your kids play outside is that they supposedly aren't safe. My kids are almost 6 and 3 and I feel like I can't let them play outside without having CPS at my door. I work at home and I spend a lot of time in the garage with the door open to the street. My kids used to play outside in the front yard and driveway until one of my neighbors called CPS on me about my kids being outside unattended. I guess they had no idea that I was in the garage all day, literally 20' away from them. I'm not into taking that chance again, sitting through that BS CPS interview for an hour with two deputies in my house was all I could stand. My kids stay in the house unless everybody can see that I'm out there, in plain sight.
    I am sorry but what is CPS. (Cops???) The reason I am interested in the thread is because my wife and I are having twins in July.
    When I was growing up we were not alound to play in the house it always had to be outside. The inside of the house was for family time, talking reading, homework and the such. I really feel that the reason most of the children play inside is because they have seen thier parents playing on the computer, watching T.V., I feel, just from what I have read is that everything a child does is a learned behavior. Obviously other then breathing seeing you get the idea. But the fact is that if your children see you watching TV they think that is what they are supposed to do. Or if you have Mc Donalds then that is what they eat. There are outside influences no doubt, but if you teach your children the goods and bads about nutrition then they can hopefully grow up and make the right decision.
    The only real fix to the problem of obesity is education. For example, I did not know until after watching "Super Size Me" that there was that much sugar in white bread and diet soda. I immediatly stopped eating white bread and drinking soda.
    Another problem that I see from teachers that I know, is that children are not getting ample recess time. The U.S. is so far behind in book education that this is where most schools feel they need to improve. Elementary through High Schools are eliminating sports teams every year.
    Finally like I said above, the problem HAS TO BE SOLVED AT HOME FIRST. We can not rely on schools to do it.
    Just my opinion!!!

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    Everyone is some jerk to someone. :squiggle:
    Not exactly sure what you mean by that????????

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    I dont know about you guys but are girls getting
    ................fatter!!!!!!!!!!! :crossx:

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    Tom Brown
    My kids are almost 6 and 3 and I feel like I can't let them play outside without having CPS at my door.
    This is the most fuked up thing I've ever read. Are you being serious? The kids can't go to the corner store? What kind if lifestyle is that? That's house arrest, not childhood.

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    I dont know about you guys but are girls getting
    ................fatter!!!!!!!!!!! :crossx:
    only in the booty...only in the booty..oh well those 6 pound boobs too..and 2 pounds of make up...

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    This is the most fuked up thing I've ever read. Are you being serious? The kids can't go to the corner store? What kind if lifestyle is that? That's house arrest, not childhood.
    Shut up Brown!...and go back to your room..... :sqeyes:

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