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Thread: Poker Run Helicopter Pics

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    Anyone know where to find the pics from all the helicopters that were out there last weekend? On Friday one was right above us snapping pictures down by Steamboat, any help would be appreciated.

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    Call Power Boat ..... it was their heli time & their photog...... :hammerhea

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    I'll try that, there was another yello one out there also with pontoon skids wasn't sure if they were with them also.

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    Perfect Mixer
    I watched them cruise over the channel too with the camera rolling. It sure got everyone cheering!

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    Dusty Times
    Not sure but I think that was Marv from pix-n-flix

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    If you were a participant, a CD with the pics will be mailed to you.
    The Powerboat pics are for...Powerboat magazine. Since they were out of airtime, they busted out $6K for that chopper....citing they had never seen a more awesome display of machinery. I'm sure they will have tons of footage.
    Marv was flying the yellow gyroplane/copter. The photos were shot from the blue Robinson; and Dave from DCB was cruising in the DCB copter.
    I meant to come back over and say hi, just ran out of time! Thanks for the hello

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    C2, you named everything in the air except the powered parachute

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    Does "Marv from pix-n-flix" have a website?

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    Does "Marv from pix-n-flix" have a website?

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    Pix N Flix was contracted by us, to produce a video for the poker run. We'll be sending it out to our participants in a few weeks.
    We may have it on our website for sale as well.

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