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Thread: I'm in trouble

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    My wife is feeding me Goose, asked me what I need for the boat, and talking about a new diamond for her wedding ring. If she comes down in a neglige, I'm toast. I hate being owned.
    Another Goose please.

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    Nice!!!!!! Get her the ring..I just got a new one too!! You go Girl!!!!!!!

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    Get her a nice big rock!!! Wifes LOVE it when their hubbys get them that

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    I thought this was a support group. You all suck.

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    We are a Group... ask your wife

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    I take it escrow closed.....
    slow down and pass out when she is not looking

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    If she puts any Barry White song, GET OUT.

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    as your self-appointed counselor, we need to expand what YOUR needs are (for the boat of course).
    i'll have a goose as well please.

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    If she comes down in a neglige we want to see pics
    I think she did come down in a neglige cause his online light is off!

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