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Thread: Where to stay?

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    OK...this is Mrs. Welk2party...
    I have a dilemma. For those of you who don't own homes in the Havasu area, where do you stay every weekend? I'm trying to line up my summer and need some suggestions. :wink:

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    Before we got our place, we stayed at the Days Inn in Needles. It wasn't much, but it had a shower and kick ass a/c. We would launch out of Park Moabi.

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    Mrs CP 19
    You could try VRBO... private rentals. I think they have lots of condos and such in havasu. Private party things, that you may be able to make a deal on for specified weekends ahead of time. Also, Days in in Needles is a good suggestion. I think they still ahve private trailers at Moabi? Do they rent any of those by weekend? Good luck.

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    The cheapest place ... It would vary from weekend to weekend...
    motel 6
    days inn
    best western
    super 8...
    All I need is a place to lay my head.....

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