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Thread: Small blockers?

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    Anyone running small block chevy's in their rides? If so, what Carb set up are you usuing (size, Jet size, mechanical, Double pump, etc)? on what kind of combo of motor parts (exhaust ,cam, intake, bore, etc)? Thanks Much , all info is appreciated. See ya at Castaic or Parker soon.

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    Is there noone outta there with a small block setup?

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    Jungle Boy
    Originally posted by MachOne:
    Is there noone outta there with a small block setup?
    MachOne, there's lots of river boaters that run SBC setups. I ran a 383 ci stroker in my 19' aluminum boat last year. It had 9:8 compression, Victor jr intake, AFR heads with stage 3 porting, 750 mech holly, roller hyd Cam ?, steel crank, MSD, 4 bolt bow tie block. It dynoed at 450 HP with 460 ft/lbs at 5100 rpm (give or take). We tend to run small blocks over big blocks due to the weight factor and the're easier to push off gravel bars and beaches.

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    69 Elim
    I run small blocks, actually all of my boats have been small block chev. But they have all been v-drives - never had a jet (but I have ridden in them if that counts). I have 2 boats right now with small blocks & v-drives. One has a blown 410 in it with 2 holly 750's, the other a mild 307 with a tunnel ram and 2 holly 450's. Also got a 350 (spare) that will be built up someday. I tend to stay with small block because of cheaper, parts are interchangeable. Since I have flatbottoms, I don't need as much low end grunt power - all top end speed and they seem to run just fine. maybe oneday I'll try a big block (?)

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    Yeah ! I got a nice 350 sbc 15 yrs old , still does 0-60 in 6 seconds or so...OK so 59 is my best mark on gps ........I wonder why that 1 mph is so annoying ? I plan to build a 383 400 hp to see what happens with more power while staying within the limits of a stock pump and budget , Glad to see others are out there ! check out this years work at Jet Heaven under Moomawnster, see ya at the water !...........

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    Mach 1, I just got the SBC in the boat last weekend. I have no clue how well it will run. This is the first jet boat I've owned. I'll probably try several different carbs and tuning set ups before I get it right. I'll let you know what happens. LDFTRBT

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