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Thread: Spam: Gil Oil Pan

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    This is a perfect BBC Gil 14 qt. for a circle boat or jet fresh drain back coat inside and jet hot on the outside.built in windage tray. Never seen a motor since, no pickup. e-mail any questions to : John.Slattery
    $300.00 plus shipping.

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    My mistake, this is a 14 qt. pan I will post pics shortly.

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    Almost forgot, I need a regular v-drive pan ! yeah I bought this one, got it all dressed up and then noticed it is bass ackwards. sooo I will trade or buy another. The Gil pan is a very nice piece great workmanship on the welds etc. 1 half inch fitting, one 3/8" fitting and the standard drain on the other end.

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    Shit that figures, always something comes up when I'm low on funds!.. :hammerhea :frown:

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    Art, from your experience with these type pans, will it clear the filter screwed on to an Olsen cooler?? And, what type of tray would be used in it??....Ray

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    Ray, check your PM's!..

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    Art, thanks for the help with the pics !

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    Art, thanks for the help with the pics !
    You're welcome!..

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    After a little confusion this great oil pan is still available.

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