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Thread: lime away on my exhaust tips

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    A guy at work told me to try this and it works awsome on removing all the hard water spots on the chrome, just wiped it on and it all came right off. Just thought I'd pass on the tip just incase people didnt know about it like myself.

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    used it on prop worked bitchen acctuly made my 15 year old son do it
    way to much work for me

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    ive always wanted to try that. it works great on the chrome in the tub and shower. just didnt know what it would do to the gelcoat and the paint on the drive.

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    6 Dollar Boat
    I dilute CLR with water, about 10/1 in a spray bottle. I spray it on the tips and wipe off, they look like new...

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    I use 1/2 water 1/2 vinager for the boat and it works great. but it does'nt wor for the exhaust tips. I'll have to try the CLR

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    Next thing ya know,you guys will discover the magic eraser.

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    For the exhaust tips we use Wipe Clean from Rex Marine. Stuff works awesome!

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    Next thing ya know,you guys will discover the magic eraser.
    I have black rub rail

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    I have black rub rail
    And interior?

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    Sweet Addiction
    I use the CLR on my Tips, they look great when clean but when they get hot and sit in the water they get all nasty. Does anyone know of a product that coats them so they will not do that. I think its a never ending battle but might as well ask.
    Thanks Jared.

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