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Thread: New & Improved Kwicherbichen

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    Well Barney got started on my Hot tub car boat and you can see the pictures here
    It should be finished real soon. I can't wait!
    If you would like to contact Barney to have your boat re-gelled you can go to his website

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    Hey Brian, your boat is looking great and im glad to see you are keeping the original lines. My boat has the same stress cracks in the same areas but oh well, I can deal w/ it later. I got my interior back, manifold powder coated, stereo installed and nitrous plumbed so I should be testing in two weeks if all goes well. Congrats on the new skin and keep us posted. By the way, what color are you doing the border between the blue and white?

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    Thanks Brian, LMAO with that spam! http://free.***
    I added the yellow trim today, hopefully will get the white on the top deck tomorrow.

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    Lookin Niiiiiiiicccccccccccce.
    Now you can Kwicherbichen! http://free.***

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    Man Barney does some nice work. Your rig should look real sharp! http://free.***

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    Thanks guys!
    Since this is kind of a spam thread anyway, here's the before and after on superdave013's 1978 Schiada, TWISTED!

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    congrats guys! both boats look awesome! can't wait to see them on the water.

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    Looking good Brian. Barney nice work on Brian and Daves boats. Very nice

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    Nice work Barney and they look good both of them. I really like how you decided to do that super dave. I like those Schiadas a lot. It makes it look so much more sleek like that.

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    Barney you do great work!!!!!!!!They both look great!

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