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Thread: Water Temps???

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    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you run a thermostat kit on your boats??? My boat never gets over about 110 degrees and I know i need to build some heat to get optimum performance out of my motor. Thanks for any imput.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    No thermostat in mine. Runs about 110-120 all day

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    No T-Stat here, runs 150 cruising, maybe get up to 160 running laps!..

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    I was running cool, put in a themo from CP pewrformance. Temp now ranges from 120 to 180.

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    I run a modified automotive 160 deg. thermostat in my BBF/Howard flat. I use a bypass below the thermostat back to the inlet side of the pump and a dump line above the thermostat. Engine runs a consistent 160-170 deg with dry headers. [no pre-heated water]

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    Just air it out a bit more.

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    Nope.NO thermo.I run an oilcooler that prewarms the water before going into the block.Temps run between 180 idling to 160 standing on it.

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    thanks for the info guys. i guess cool running temps is just part of the game!!

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    Run the water through the cooler first then the headers to preheat then into the motor

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    thanks for the info guys. i guess cool running temps is just part of the game!!
    All the boats I have seen run really low temps, which is a good thing for most and bad for others, depends on what you are doing...I think mine runs around 115-120 when warmed.

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