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Thread: Optima Battery CCA

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    Im about to buy an new Optima Battery. Im debating between the 34M and the D31M. The 34M has 980 CCA and the D31M has 1125 CCA. Will the additional amps make a big difference?

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Yes it will when you need it. The batt will also last longer. And you will be able to start after a long day on tunes !!!!

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    ran my boat with a 550 cca wal mart battery for 4 1/2 yrs and only problem with it was some rat bastard stole it or I'd still be using it. Never put charger on it just pulled cable after every use. Have a blue top now and starts the same. With a pump gas motor your ok with either, add a huffer then it gets critical.

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    Ken F
    I've gotten to be pretty good friends with the local Interstate Dealer, who sells Optima's. He told me that the red tops were pretty bad about going bad-possibly one in 5. He said in 15 years, he had never seen a yellowo-top returned.
    Ken F

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    Just a side note, a blower motor is easier to start than a high compression gas motor cuz the starter is not fighting the compression.

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