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Thread: Identify This

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    All I know about this boat is that it is a 1979 Taylor---can anyone tell me the model??
    Will send Picture on request

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    Why don't you e-mail me the photo and I'll post it in this thread for you?
    It'll make this a lot easier.
    RTJas http://free.***

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    Or you can got to the Taylor boats website and compare it to the pix on the site. They have pix of just about every Taylor hull made.
    Happy Hunting!

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    Here she is and I can tell you I haven't see anything like it!
    Good Luck,
    RTJas http://free.***

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    Wet Dream
    Now thats different. I'm not sure I like it.

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    I think it's REALLY cool - needs to have a different color scheme (more "spacey", less "earthy"), but all in all, a VERY distictive shape - I LIKE IT! Congratulations on a NEAT looking boat! http://free.***

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    Just may be a Sleek Craft....

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    Looks like a Baker which is where a Stoker
    started from.

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    It is a taylor of california. I have the same hull different cap. Haven't found much info on it. There is a link listed somewhere in a past post that u can go to and enter the registation numbers and know for sure. hope this is of some help. Tim

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    There used to be a wildman up at Camp Far West with a red Taylor like that. The thing hauled ass too for a big heavy boat, and it didn't have anything extra special for power it was just setup well.

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