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Thread: I need to flip my boat on purpose

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    How do you flip a jet boat over safetly. I want to flip it and set it on a craddle so I can do a little work on the bottom, anyone done this before?

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    Nucking futs
    Look it up in the "how to section" and its all in there.
    or click here (http://www2.***

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    I've had to do it a few times.. I think squirtcha? has a webpage showing how he did it.. but i stripped my boat, backed up to the lawn pushed the boat off and had 6 or so friends help roll it over and lift it onto a cart. Went really easy.
    The only nervous part was rolling it back over and putting it back on the trailer and trying not to scratch the new paint.

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    I am not sure about putting all that weight on the Bow Eye and the pump, my stringers may not be up to par for the stress of the entire hull. I was thinking of using a couple engine hoists, not sure what to do here, maybe manhandle it. I also need to pull the trailer out from underneath to do work on the bunks......

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    ARS Marine inc.east
    Check the November or December issue of Hot Boat
    They had an article on it
    I have Flipped my Daytona over a Half dozen times to rework the Bottom.
    I have tried it both ways.
    1. Being Hoisting it way up in the Air with a chain fall and picking it up by the Pump, It Works O.K. but felt as if it where a little difficult to do alone.
    2. Using a chain fall and a couple of long tow straps, sinching it off to one side of the boat and hoisting up. As you do that you are rotating the boat with your mechanical leverage of sinching off to one side.
    I have used this method without any Flaws or Damage to the boat.
    P.S. I have done this alone the past 4 times and feel 100% safe.
    Although you might want to do it another way.
    Look at all of your options and chose the one you feel most likely to be able to handle.

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