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Thread: BraZos Memorial Day

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    Hey if you are going to the Brazos River for Memorial Day Look us up and or reply with name and info so we can HooK up on the river at least tell us what you drive.
    Thanks BigDaDDy

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    Where???on the Brazos?

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    Originally posted by ratso:
    Where???on the Brazos?
    Sorry I didnt include that Ratso I am told we are going to be at Chisolm Park by the boat ramp Just above Lake Whitney or close to that any way I have not been here before but Brazos Jetten has and Brazos1 has I am going with them and some other people are going to go Hope to see you there if so you can Have a Marg on me if we can find some.

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    I might make it Monday, my weekend is already full, I'll see if the wife will let me get away that day, I usually run all the way up to the end, that's where most of the fast boats used to hang out.

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