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Thread: GHTRIM's super secret boat wax

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    LMAO! :rollside: :rollside:

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    I thought of 10 things to come back with and they all suck... You got me Kilr. WTF!! :messedup:

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    Does your better half rub anything else with that????????

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    OMG!!! how long did it take you to come up with that? thats FUNNY

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    Somebody pick me up off the floor! That is hillarious! Shouldn't you be shakin' down illegals or something?

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    Does your better half rub anything else with that????????
    Kilr, notice it is your wife holdin the cream for me. And yes it works for rubbing out wrinkles...

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    Tom Brown
    Has this site always been this funny?
    Threads like this almost make the addiction worth while.

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    That was an "Udderly S moo th" joke. LMAO!!!

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