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Thread: Jet Hydro ???????? Sanger Rat ?????????

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Jet Hydro ???????
    I have seen the back of that boat and others and they seem to look like a Place Craft, Bahner, SWTD Tunnel with a big wing on the front. If it caries the nose 1" off the water it is not a hydro. But we may need to bring in some hydro guys for this ???? I am not knocking your ride, it has seemed to always run the # !!! I am still confused on how you really truely call it a Hydro though ??? Anyone welcome to chime in !!! Actual pics of the transoms would be nice !!!

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    sanger rat
    The title calls it a Hydro. I didn't name it. Yes, mine is more of a tunnel hull than a V-drive hydro bottom. What would you call it Jim? http://www2.***

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    I'd call it a Miscarriage that lived!!! HaHa Just joking Budlight :argue:

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    Jake W2
    Jim the bottoms of a HONDO jet hydro and a SANGER jet hydro are diffrent.
    Hondo has a pad that drops down.Like Jethydros
    Sanger has tunnels.Like Sanger rats

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    That's a better deal than the Hondo jets..More like a tunnel jet with sponsons...

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    That's a better deal than the Hondo jets..More like a tunnel jet with sponsons... Yeah, but if you're carrying the nose, what are the sponsons for?

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    sanger rat
    You can't carry the nose up for too long. It still has to ride on the front sponsons. You have no control of the boat when the front sponsons are out of the water. It has 3 points that it rides on and that makes it a hydro.

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    sanger rat
    Jim, This is from a RC website but it decribes the hydro and tunnel hulls pretty good.

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    Well... That seems to be all in the setup... If you concentrate on making it go straight & fast.. instead of trying to piss water 50' in the air ( what do ya call it..A Rooster ).. Work on getting the flow of water headed in the right direction and you should have no problem pushing the sponsons down.. Hey it's not the Best hydro.. But it's a hydro none the less......

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    Jet Hydro
    I`m not really sure on what you are looking for? I have many pictures of mine riding on the sponsons and with the nose up ticking the water.
    As I take off it rides on 3 points but as it packs air the nose lifts. I have to wedge for what ever speed I want to go to keep it from flying. There`s a topic on here called "What Were They Thinking" (http://www2.*** ) where I cut the bottom off my hydro and redesigned it. If bottom pictures are what your after, that's where you`ll find anything you want to know. I have allot of work to get done today so it may take me a while to post up some pictures of the boat riding on all 3 points but I`ll try later in the day.

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