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Thread: Panther Diverter

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    Does anybody know if Bow Tie Omega ever finished hid Panther Diverter?

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    I tried posting this a few months ago and never got an answer, I don;t think hes been on here in a while. I would liek to know if he ever got anything accomplished.

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    I have an extra pump to experiment with

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    IS Bow Tie Omega around anymore?

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    Checked his profile.......BowTieOmega (http://www2.*** like he hasn't been here since Oct 2004. I think he used to post on HavasuBarney as well so you might check there.

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    Hes been a little busy. I know he has a prototype that he has all built up. Just needs to finish his boat so he can test with it! Ill give him a call and tell him to get on here...

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    Maybe he can call me
    Roger 714 745 5751

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    Hey Brendella do you have a Panther?

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