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Thread: I think I might be working too hard...

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    I think I just moved something on my desk with my mind.

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    I think I just moved something on my desk with my mind.
    Time to go home. :2purples:

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    use the force................ :messedup:

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    When is there going to be some boats in the water?
    Depends on how easy this turbo goes in. It is the last thing to do. Bassani is paterning the exhaust with me this week, and I get the finished twin turbos and manifolds from Carson Brummett on Friday. Maybe wet by late next week.
    Should be an interesting weekend. The only real holdup right now is the interior. If the material is all CAD cut by tomorrow (supposed to be) we could have skins on by two weeks from now and the boat basically done.
    Holdup will be interior and the front ramp. Everything else is pretty much hunky dory.

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    I think I just moved something on my desk with my mind.
    Sometimes I can move something in my pants with my mind.....!
    Great news on the boat. Let me know when you are going and I will chase you around and take pics.

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    I think I just moved something on my desk with my mind.
    Either way you are screwed.
    If you moved it with your mind, you just discovered a bad talent.
    If you moved it with your hand, and didn't REALIZE it, you may have some problems....

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    I hate it when I move stuff with my mind. Nothing gets done.
    If I don't get my hands dirty, it don't happen. Go give some orders!

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    Better yet. Dump the work load on Jason. He needs something to do. :hammer2:

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    What?! No post from Tom Brown about moving his bowels? :sqeyes:

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    Phat Matt
    Doesn't everybody have psychokinetic powers?

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