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Thread: it's hump day

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    so how may got over hump to day

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    I don't want to think about my drive back home tomorrow...........uhhh! But then again it makes me a day closer to the weekend in Havisu!!!! I can't wait to get booty-ass naked!!!! Wooooo-whoooo!

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    well i bet art is waiting on you my dear

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    well i bet art is waiting on you my dear
    Actually he likes looking at everybody elses wives.

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    Beer Factor
    Hump day is over. Only two more work days and it's vacation time! Midlife advantage and I are off to Myrtle Beach for a week. "Bike Week" YA

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    Got to work Saturday. Need to go home and hump some more.

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    humpty humpty

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    I have homework until about midnight, but I'm heading for Havi at 3:30 tomorrow!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

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