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Thread: EZ BAKE COLOR article

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    I don't mean to get picky but I can't understand how Cyclone writes a great article about powdercoat where he describes the vibrant colors and has lots of pictures and then Hot Boat prints the article in black and white. Come on Hot Boat, get your shit together. Out of 19 pictures, 1 of them is in color. Just my little rant for the evening. :rollside:

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    Maybe thats why he doesnt work there anymore.......

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    Maybe thats why he doesnt work there anymore.......
    Yeah, no shit. LOL

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    I think its the lack checking the final details. For example, the write up on my motor was all in color. I asked Mike about that because all of the other tech/motor write ups I've seen were all in black and white. He said I got lucky and it wasn't suppose to be color. So go figure!

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